Joyous Pizza Franchise

Disciplines: Mechanical & Electrical

Location: Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Wetaskiwin, Saskatoon
Specialty: HVAC, Plumbing, Lighting, Power

Joyous Pizza Franchise


Joyous Pizza has opened 7 locations over the last year. Lexus Engineering is proud to provide mechanical and electrical engineering services to each of their locations.

Project Goals

To install an energy efficient, code compliance kitchen HVAC system to capture grease laden vapors and reduce operating costs.

Our Solutions

Using our expertise in the thermodynamic properties of air and heat transfer, we determined the heat being generated by the cooking equipment was sufficient to heat the make-up air. Given our long winters, there is significant cost savings and improved efficiency by replenishing the exhausted air with the heat coming from the pizza ovens. The 13’ hood uses the Coanda effect to ensure that the cold air gets heated while capturing the grease laden vapors and exhausting them through black iron ducts built to NFPA 96 specifications.


This approach significantly reduces the capital and operating costs borne by the client in an energy efficient and sustainable way. Joyous Pizza has reduced its natural gas usage by 125, 423 kwh/annually and saved approximately $10,000 in capital spending.

References: NFPA 96, NBC-AE-2019 and all dependents

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