PureLife Cannabis Grow-Op

Disciplines: Mechanical, Electrical

Location: Lamont County
Specialty: Cannabis Facilities

Project Summary

This client asked us to provide mechanical and electrical design services for a new cannabis facility located east of Edmonton. This facility is of the highest standard (GMP1), enabling them to sell their product to European markets.

Lexus Engineering (LE) completed the Mechanical and Electrical designs. The design comprises site services (SAN, STM, WTR, PWR, Lighting, security), VRV, boiler design, in-floor heating, pressurized zones, air filtration, plumbing, drainage, lighting, power distribution, and much more. LE performed lighting studies, and provided several innovative cost-saving and energy-efficient approaches. (For instance, LE's dry-room design saved the client over $60K).

References: GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice, GAP - Good Agricultural Practices, GPP - Good Production Practice, QMS - Quality Management System, ASHRAE 62.1 - Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality , VPD - Vapour Pressure Differential Control, HEPA - High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, Drying and Curing, Penman Monteith Equation - used to approximate the net evapotranspiration, VRV - Variable Refrigerant Volume, UV - Ultra Violet Lamps, many more...

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